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Access equipment affordably using finance

Non-bank equipment finance makes the assets you need for business growth accessible, and affordable. Find out about the different ways you can access finance, and the simple process for applying.


Why finance?

Fund business growth, without burning cash

Businesses need the right tools for growth - to scale operations, fund new product lines, or increase working efficiencies. But the high upfront costs can be a huge burden on cash flow. By breaking it down into affordable monthly payments, financing helps you access the assets you need, without tying up cash.

Access non-bank finance

Many businesses, particularly SMEs, struggle to get funding from big banks. With smart alternative finance, you can get the support you need, and access innovative, flexible solutions – solutions that are structured with you, your specific business and your equipment in mind.

Match your payments to the lifecycle of your equipment

It doesn’t make sense to spend capital on depreciating assets that have a limited lifecycle. By taking advantage of a leasing solution that is tailored to the life of your asset, you can upgrade or return the equipment as and when you need.


of SMEs using equipment finance said it helped them grow their business


SMEs who finance their equipment purchases forecast 63.6% higher growth than those who don’t

The different ways you can access finance

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Finance Lease

A finance lease allows you to use equipment as you pay for it in instalments over the period of the lease. At the end of the lease you own the equipment, either because you have paid for it in total via your payments over the term of the lease, or by making a residual payment, which is set at the beginning of the lease. 

A finance lease is a good option if you will be using the equipment for a long period of time, typically 10-15 years, and are not likely to want to upgrade regularly.

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Operating Lease

An operating lease allows you to use the equipment as you make regular payments over the period of the lease. At the end of the lease, you typically return the equipment to the supplier. In this respect, an operating lease is like a straight rental, without ownership at the end.

An operating lease is ideal if your business uses equipment which becomes obsolete quickly, because you return it at the end of the lease. You can then upgrade your equipment if you wish. 

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Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is in essence a short-term operating lease. As the name suggests, equipment rental allows you to rent and use the equipment as you make regular payments over the period of the lease. At the end of the lease, you simply return the equipment, and have no ownership rights.

Equipment rental is most suitable for businesses which need assets on a temporary basis, but have no desire for ownership.

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Commercial Line of Credit

A commercial line of credit is similar to an overdraft, it is not a form of lease or rental. A commercial line of credit is in essence pre-approved funds, which you can draw down as needed. You will pay a fees for access to a commercial line of credit, and interest on any amounts you draw down.

A commercial line of credit is suitable for businesses which have on-going equipment and technology requirements, particularly if these requirements are likely to change regularly.

Find the best finance structure for you

Business is hard enough at the best of times, but to come across a business partner that truly understands what you are trying to achieve is a breath of fresh air.

My business partners and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Eclipx Group to any of our associates as our experience to date has been exceptional, they are a truly professional organisation

Paul Ryan, Director, H2flow Water Services

It’s fast and easy to get the finance you need with Eclipx Commercial

  1. Fill in the form or call 1300 832 962 to request a free consultation.
  2. An industry specialist will speak to you to understand your business and your finance needs.
  3. A credit assessment will be performed. For finance arrangements up to $75,000, credit approvals can be done through our automated credit decision system, and usually take less than 24 hours.
  4. We'll send you a quote with easy documentation to fill and return.
  5. Receive the equipment, and we pay the invoice. 
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