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To help specialist medical practice, Campsie Day Surgery, finance, maintain and repair endoscopes, and to upgrade to new models every 4-5 years.


Endoscopes are expensive, delicate pieces of medical equipment which need to be upgraded every 4-5 years. They can be damaged easily during procedures and repairs are complex and can only be performed by the manufacturer. Modern, fully functional endoscopes are the lifeblood of the Surgery, which cannot operate without them, or if any are out of action.

The Challenge for Eclipx Commercial

To create a flexible, affordable lease structure which would allow for the endoscopes to be purchased, repaired when necessary, g upgraded every 4-5 years.

What was required was a lease which operated in essence like a rental contract. Most medical finance providers are not able to structure a lease in which ownership of the equipment reverts to the finance provider at the end of the lease term. Yet this is the structure which best matches this specific medical equipment. 

Challenges in structuring the lease:

  • Endoscopes are delicate pieces of equipment, frequently damaged during and after procedures, requiring repair 
  • The Campsie Day Surgery relies on having fully functioning, up-to-date endoscopes to perform procedures on patients every day, they cannot have endoscopes out of action for repair at any time. 
  • Campsie Day Surgery is not interested in owning the endoscopes at the end of the lease term, because after 4-5 years the technology has changed, they are no longer useful, and new endoscopes are required. 
  • The number of endoscopes required could increase during the life of the lease. 
  • The ability to understand how a medical practice, and this particular practice, operates is key, because without in-depth knowledge of how endoscopes work, how long they last, and how much maintenance and repair they require, it is not possible to structure a lease to match. Or to price it effectively at a level which the Surgery can afford.

The Challenge for Campsie Day Surgery

To purchase endoscopes in an affordable way, maintain them regularly without incurring significant additional costs, and upgrade every 4-5 years without being left with the old endoscopes.  
  • Predicting with accuracy the number of endoscopes needed during a 4-5 year period is difficult, so flexibility with respect to increasing the number leased is required.  
  • The Practice relies on the endoscopes being in full working order at all times, yet they are delicate and become frequently damaged. 
  • The cost of repairing endoscopes is expensive. 
  • When endoscopes are out of action and being repaired, loan endoscopes are required. 
  • When a new endoscope is required, the financing process must be quick as the equipment is needed immediately. 
  • On-selling old endoscopes is not something the Surgery is able or willing to undertake, a lease which allows for return of the old endoscopes is required. 
  • Putting together extensive financial takes time, and relies on third parties, like accountants to work quickly. Eclipx was able to provide finance on fewer financials, and to base decisions on Campsie Day Surgery’s track record of payment. 

The Solution

Eclipx structured a lease which operates like a rental contract, in that ownership of the endoscope reverts to Eclipx at the end of the lease term

  • Maintenance on endoscopes is key, as is the ability to effect repairs regularly, due to the delicate nature of this equipment. Eclipx was able to provide a fully-maintained option, where the costs of repairs were priced into the lease payments. Campsie Day Surgery was then able to have endoscopes repaired by the manufacturer when needed at no additional cost. 
  • Cost was a serious consideration for Campsie Day Surgery. For this reason, Eclipx created a flexible lease with a large residual value on the endoscope at the end of the lease. In other words, Campsie Day Surgery only made payments on a relatively small percentage of the actual cost of the endoscope and then returned it to Eclipx at the end of the lease. 
  • Eclipx was able to sell the second-hand endoscopes in the secondary market and recoup the residual value. This is because Eclipx is part of the group which owns Grays Online, Australia’s largest online auction house.  
  • Eclipx therefore has preferred terms with Grays Online, and a better understanding than its competitors of the true value of equipment, including endoscopes, in the secondary market.  
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The Eclipx Difference

Flexible lease structure

Eclipx Commercial was able to structure a lease which operated like a rental contract, where ownership of the endoscope reverted to Eclipx at the end of the lease.

Equipment expertise

Eclipx was able to use its knowledge of medical equipment to include repair/maintenance of the endoscopes in the lease payments, at a lower cost to Campsie Medical Practice than if they paid for these repairs when needed. 

Investment in a residual

Eclipx was able to structure the lease so that a large residual value remained at the end of the lease. This made the regular lease payments lower.  

Access to secondary market

Eclipx was able to do this due to its relationship with GraysOnline, and its understanding of and access to the secondary market. This allows for better pricing for the customer. 


“Eclipx Commercial’s specialists were easy and quick to deal with. They fully understood the nature of our equipment – that it would need repairs and maintenance regularly, and that these costs needed to be included in a fair way in the lease payments. They came up with a great solution, where maintenance is included for a very small cost across the term of the lease.” 

Joshua Kim, Practice Manager

Campsie Day Surgery