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Funding your business, facilitating your growth.

Getting the capital structure right is crucial.

Don’t make your life any harder than it has to be.

Getting the mix of debt, equity and asset finance right, or in other words, optimising your capital structure, will make a substantial, and potentially critical, difference to the success of your business. 

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Ten tangible ways to help your sales force talk finance

How to sell the benefits of asset finance to your customers and grow your business

If you are one of the 84% of businesses which don’t offer asset finance, chances are your business is not achieving its growth potential.  In fact, small and medium sized businesses which offer asset finance report 80% higher forecast growth than businesses which don’t.

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You want to offer asset finance, but you’re not a finance expert. Top tips on choosing a partner who is.

Five things to think about before you choose a partner.

Now you are convinced of the benefits of offering asset finance options as part of your sales process, the next big question is “who should provide that finance?”. You’re not a finance expert yourself – but the good news is, there’s no need to be. Your best bet is to partner with a reputable, professional finance provider with experience in your industry, and practical knowledge about the best options for your clients. 

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Increase sales by learning how to overcome the price hurdle

Your client’s capital constraints may be stalling your sales growth

Your customers need the latest technology and equipment to grow their business, but the large capital outlays required can mean they miss out. If your sales team are telling you that sales are being lost due to clients’ inability to finance the equipment they need, there is a solution. 

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You’re missing out on sales, and you may not even know it.

Is your business growth as strong as it could be?

In our survey of 646 Australian SMEs with annual turnovers of A$5-100 million, we found that the average business is predicted to grow by 3.7% over the next year. Contrast that with 5.9%, the average figure for those businesses who, as equipment vendors, included financing options as part of their solution.

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3 reasons asset financing could be the answer to your cash flow problems

Even with strong sales revenue, long accounts receivable terms means you are being treated like a bank which offers interest free loans. Consequently, most small to medium businesses understand that well managed cash flow makes the difference between just surviving and really thriving. So, with short-term cash flow being the number one reason cited for accessing financing, and access to finance the most common barrier to innovation according to ABS data, a successful business needs to manage cash flow tightly and leverage it for growth. To help ensure your business falls into the “thriving” category, here are the most common reasons you might be experiencing cash flow difficulties and how asset financing can help. 

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Thinking about managed solutions? Think about who you partner with.

Before you sign-up to partner with anyone, think about these five things

If you are an asset finance provider, chances are you are spending a lot of time thinking about your service offering. Is it enough anymore to simply provide customers with finance – or should I be trying to provide more? With US statistics showing managed solutions are on track to account for 22% or more of the total equipment leasing and finance industry volumes over the next 3 to 5 years, it’s a good question to be asking.
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High tech to high touch. It’s not actually about the technology

While you can read my overview of important insights from the 2017 Alta Group conference in my earlier post, “Adapt or Business as Usual? Challenges and opportunities in equipment finance”, one of the key themes occupying equipment finance providers globally was the impact of technology.

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Adapt or business as usual? Challenges and opportunities in equipment finance

In February this year I attended the 2017 Alta Group Equipment Leasing & Finance Industry Summit in the United States, a think tank discussing the future of equipment finance.

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Flexibility, reliability and trust. Non-bank lenders take on the big banks

According to the Australian Government’s Financial System Inquiry, Australia’s two million small and medium sized businesses employ almost 70% of the workforce and are major drivers of economic growth. They account for over half the output of the private sector, and are a significant source of innovation in the economy.

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To come across a business partner that truly understands what you are trying to achieve is a breath of fresh air. Not only were Eclipx quick to understand the business concept, they moved extremely fast to put a funding package to us. They are a truly professional organisation.



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