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Offer equipment finance to your customers

Partner with an asset finance provider to offer customised leasing programs to your customers and increase sales. Find out about the different ways you can offer finance, including private label options, and how you can apply.


Why finance?

Make your equipment affordable for your customers

Your customers need your products to innovate and scale, but costs can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Particularly for machines or devices that need frequent upgrades, SMEs struggle to scrape up the capital for upfront payments. By offering leasing options for your products, you can help them overcome this hurdle by breaking a large sum into affordable monthly payments.

Boost your sales revenue and grow your business

When you help your customers overcome the cost hurdle, your sales process becomes a whole lot smoother, simpler, and quicker. Without your customer having to go to a bank to borrow  buyer complexity and differentiates you from competitors. In fact, vendors who offer finance sell more, close larger deals, and shorten their sales cycles – resulting in 80% higher forecasted business growth than those who don’t.

Shift your relationship from supplier to trusted partner

Being able to address your buyers’ equipment needs, as well as provide financing for it makes yours a complete solution. It keeps the conversation going at the end of the asset’s lease, or when there’s a need to upgrade, giving you the opportunity for repeat business and to nurture long-term relationships.


By offering finance, 90.2% of vendors sell more, 75.5% close larger deals, and 63.7% close deals faster.


Equipment vendors who offer finance forecast 80% higher growth than those who don't

These are the different ways we can partner with you to offer finance:

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Private Label

Leverage the strength of your own brand and control the entire sale cycle, beginning to end, by providing our financing under your own label.

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Offer financing programs to unique groups of customers such as buying cooperatives, franchisees and networked independent owner-operators.

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Maximise the exposure of your brand while leveraging the strength of Eclipx Commercial’s, and present both brands on your financing marketing collateral.

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Joint Venture

Form a dedicated company under a purpose-built joint venture entity to underwrite, fund and service financing transactions that originate through your sales channel.

Top tips on choosing the right finance partner

Having Eclipx Commercial as our asset finance partner, immediately creates a different sales proposition for my clients. Bringing finance experts into my sales process has helped me close larger deals, and in just two weeks when it would have normally taken a year.

The level of expertise and knowledge Eclipx brings to the table is miles above any other provider I’ve used. Partnering with Eclipx has made a tremendous difference to my business, and I would recommend them to any equipment supplier who wants to increase sales and see real growth.

Mark Liddle, Owner, Int Tec Mildura

It’s fast and simple to arrange financing programs with Eclipx Commercial.

  1. If your customer is interested in a finance option, you can provide a quote to them through Eclipx Commercial's quote calculator.
  2. An industry specialist will speak to your customer to understand their business and finance needs.
  3. A credit assessment will be performed for your customer. For finance arrangements up to $75,000, credit approvals can be done through our automated credit decision system, and usually take less than 24 hours.
  4. Approval will be sent to you and your customer, with the transaction documented based on your invoice. 
  5.  Once documents are signed, payment will be released to you on the same day.
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Eclipx Commercial has deep industry knowledge and experience, meaning we understand your equipment and how to best structure finance programs that you can offer your customers. Find out how we can work with you.

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